IECEx On-line Bulletin Overview

Introduction: The IECEx Secretariat has introduced the IECEx On-line Bulletin (2023) in response to requests from IECEx National Member Bodies. This online platform streamlines the collection and management of National Differences (ND) related to Standards operated by the IECEx.

Objectives: The primary goal of the IECEx On-line Bulletin is to provide a global, up-to-date list of national differences that is easily accessible to our members, ExCBs and ExTLs or whether there are no national differences (full acceptance) of the Standard. This promotes consistency and harmonization in the implementation of Standards operated by the IECEx. The Bulletin facilitates updates by IECEx Member Bodies or their designated representatives.

Key Features: The IECEx On-line Bulletin offers several key features:

  • Accessibility: Users can easily access information by country and by Standard or edition of Standard.
  • OD 211 Operational document: We provide an introductory OD and guide (OD 211) that explains the Bulletin's features and offers instructions for accessing information. This guide covers both the public view and the view with login rights for IECEx ExCBs, ExTLs, and IECEx Member Bodies.
  • Administrative Guidance: OD 211 also provides administrative guidance for managing national differences for each Standard and edition, or confirming full acceptance.
  • Responsibility: Member Bodies are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information they provide to the IECEx On-line Bulletin. Neither the IEC nor the IECEx Secretariat is liable for the information's accuracy.

Public View: The public view of the IECEx On-line Bulletin offers an overview of the status of national differences by country and by Standard (full acceptance or national differences exist). 

Conclusion: The IECEx On-line Bulletin serves as a valuable tool for our members, facilitating the efficient management of national differences and promoting international consistency in Standards implementation.

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