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The IECEx Service Facilities Scheme Committee referred to as ExSFC deals with matters of a technical nature concerning the application of the IEC International Standards to the IECEx 03 Scheme. The principle role of ExSFC is to facilitate common application of testing, assessment and auditing requirements in the issue and maintenance of an IECEx Certificate of Conformity under the IECEx 03 Scheme.  The ExSFC is responsible for overseeing and approving the development and implementation of the Service Facility Scheme. The committee documents are password-protected.  To obtain a password contact the IECEx Secretariat. When documents are no longer current they are moved to the Archive.

The publication IECEx 03-0, General Rules of Procedure is directly related to the IECEx Basic Rules (comprising IEC CA 01 and the IECEx Supplement IECEx 01-S) and provides structure for, and a link to subordinate Rules that relate to specific service activities within the IECEx Certified Service Facilities Scheme.

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