IECEx Test Reports (ExTRs)

The following are the official and current versions of IECEx Test Reports blank forms for use by IECEx Accepted Certification Bodies and Ex Test Laboratories.

They are available for download in MS Word format. Minor variations in pagination may occur due to MS Word reformatting for your local printer.

It is the responsibility of the Ex Test Laboratories (ExTL) to ensure they are using the latest published versions of the ExTR Blank forms. 

**This ExTR blank document is to be compiled and reviewed by the ExTL. The ExTR package in which this ExTR is incorporated (comprised of a single ExTR document or multiple ExTR documents) is to be accompanied by a single ExTR Cover Sheet, which is to be approved by the ExCB.  ExTR Addendum and/or ExTR Report of National Differences may also supplement this ExTR.

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