IECEx and ISO TC 197/SC1 Formal Liaison "Hydrogen Technologies"

The cooperation between IECEx and ISO/TC 197/SC1  is set to continue noting ISO TC 197's continued work on international standards and the IECEx decision to introduce these standards into the IECEx portfolio.  A formal Liaison, as a means of formalizing the ongoing cooperation between ISO 197 and IECEx, has now been established relating to testing and certification in the area of "Hydrogen Technologies".  The appointment of Dr. Thorsten Arnhold, DE (Member of the IECEx Executive + WG19 Convener) as the IECEx Liaison Officer to ISO/TC 197/SC1 has been agreed upon by the IECEx ExMC Members on 2023-01-31. 

ISO/TC 197/SC1 - Hydrogen at scale and horizontal energy systems.  Details of the Scope and country membership of ISO/TC 197/SC1 can be found via the ISO website at