"IECEx" is a Registered Trade Mark of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Permission of use of the IECEx Logo:
The IECEx Logo shall only be used in accordance with instructions provided as published in IECEx 01B. It shall not be used in such a manner that it compromises the integrity of the IEC, IECEx or its members.
Who may use the IECEx Logo
The IECEx Logo may be used by the following:
• IECEx Member Bodies
• IECEx Certification Bodies (ExCBs) and Testing Labs (ExTLs)
• IECEx Certified Equipment manufacturers
• IECEx Service providers (e.g. Repair facilities)
• IECEx Certified personnel
• IECEX Recognised Training Providers
Any variation to the above shall require permission for the use of the IECEx Logo from the IECEx Secretariat.

The IECEx Publication IECEx 01B defines the rules and provides guidance for the use of the IECEx Logo.

Logo IECEx 50px TM3

Example - IECEx Logo

IECEx logos  in various formats can be requested by the approved published member list in IECEx 01B.  Please contact the IECEx Secretariat to obtain the IECEx logo and specify the format required. IECEx logo formats are listed below. Logos are password protected.