A Joint Working Group (JWG) between IECEx and OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) has been initiated as per the Terms of Reference and Membership of the JWG IECEx/OIML.


Terms of Reference and Membership of the JWG IECEx/OIML


ToR (Terms of Reference)

“In accordance with the provisions of the IEC OIML MoU (October 2018), especially Article X, the IECEx and OIML agreed to explore areas for collaboration in an effort to prevent duplication by making use of existing deliverables in the field of “Ex” and provide proposals for consideration by both OIML and IECEx”


      From IECEx

     From OIML

  • Dr Roman Schwartz - CIML President
  • Paul Dixon – Assistant Director International Bureau of Legal Metrology
  • OIML-CS MC Chair or Deputy
  • One PC member 


  • CIML President, Dr Roman Schwartz


  • IECEx Executive Secretary, Mr Chris Agius