General Information

2022 IECEx Executive and Operational Remote Meetings 

Session times have been selected on the basis of convenience to the respective Chair / Convenor and to the majority of listed members. 


Meeting of  Scheduled Date
IECEx Executive  2022-01-24 (past meetnig) 
ExAG 2022-04-05
ExSFC 2022-06-08
ExPCC 2022-05-30
ExPCC WG2 2022-04-11
ExMC WG1 Pending - TBC
ExMC WG13 Pending - TBC


To assist in maximizing participation by the majority of members in various time zones, the meetings will (unless requested otherwise by the Chair / Convenor) be convened using GoToMeeting with support by IECEx Secretariat staff and be scheduled for:

  • A maximum duration of 4 hours per meeting session
  • Commencement of each session @ 12:00 noon UTC
  • Close of each session @ 4:00PM UTC
  • Chair / Convenor to take breaks during session as required / appropriate


All meetings will be held remotely for selected Working Groups using GoToMeeting (Web conference facilities) to facilitate productive meetings. 

Meetings:                     Mark Amos, IECEx Secretariat,

Contact:                      Email:           Tel: +61 2 4628 4690