The United Nations, through the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), provides a multilateral platform that facilitates greater economic integration and cooperation among United Nations Member States and promotes sustainable development and economic prosperity.

The UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP. 6) has worked in close cooperation with IECEx to develop a model for legislation in the sector of equipment used in environments with an explosive atmosphere. The Model has been adopted by the WP. 6 at its 20th session, in November 2010. The model is detailed in the  CRO (Common Regulatory Objective Publication of the United Nations).

The model provides for adequate risk mitigation, without creating excessive costs or red tape for business.

Any United Nations Member State that has no regulatory framework in the explosive equipment sector can use the model as a blueprint for legislation. If countries already have such a framework, they could consider gradually converging towards this international model. Once the model has been adopted as national legislation, the sector will operate under a single common regulatory framework in all participating countries.Official publication of this CRO by UN early 2011 signifies the formal endorsement of the IECEx System and its Conformity Assessment Schemes covering

  • Equipment and Systems
  • Services
  • Personal Competence.

It further culminates an extensive project within the WP6 Ex Sector, in cooperation with IECEx as well as the beginning of coordinated activities between IEC, UNECEC and IECEx with the aim of ensuring that IECEx Certification provides for real economic benefits by reducing wasteful duplication of testing and assessment while preserving the necessary level of safety for the community.

Further details concerning the CRO or work of the UNECE can be obtained from:

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