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The committee documents are password-protected.  To obtain a password contact the IECEx Secretariat. Historical committee documents issued previous 2013 are available from the Legacy Document Archive page, if not found in ExMC Committee Documents.

Active Documents Requiring Comment and/or Voting

List of Active Documents
Document Number Title Due Date
ExMC/1929/DV ExMC/1929/DV
Scope Extension Assessment Report for KOMERI an Accepted Ex Testing Laboratory, Republic of Korea, to include IEC 60079-15, IEC 60079-18 and IEC 60079-31 in their scope.
ExMC/1931/DV ExMC/1931/DV
IECEx Assessment Report for the acceptance of International Certification Registrar Co., Ltd (ICR) as an Accepted IECEx Testing Laboratory (ExTL), in the IECEx System, Equipment Scheme, IECEx 02.
ExMC/1944/Inf ExMC/1944/Inf
IECEx Treasurer - Nominations/Renomination
ExMC/1945/Inf ExMC/1945/Inf
IECEx Vice Chair Call for Nominations
ExMC/1959/DV ExMC/1959/DV
Scope Extension Assessment Report for Technology Institution of Industrial Safety (TIIS), an Accepted ExCB IEC 60079-5, IEC 60079-13, IEC 60079-33 and IEC TS 60079-46 and an Accepted ExTL within the IECEx System, Equipment Scheme 02, to include in their scope.

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