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The committee documents are password-protected.  To obtain a password contact the IECEx Secretariat. When documents are no longer current they are moved to the Archive.

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List of Active Documents
Document Number Title Due Date
ExMC/1575/DV ExMC/1575/DV
Re-assessment and Scope Extension Report for the continued acceptance of Eurofins Product Testing Italy S.r.l, IT, an Accepted Ex Certification Body(ExCB) and an Accepted Ex Testing Laboratory (ExTL) within the IECEx System, Equipment Scheme 02, to include IEC 60079-28, IEC 80079-36, IEC 80079-37 and IEC/TS 60079-46, in their scope.
ExMC/1576/DV ExMC/1576/DV
Scope Assessment report for UL LLC, USA, to include Units Ex 004 and Ex 006, in their scope as an Accepted Ex Certification Body (ExCB) for the IECEx 05 Certification of Personnel Competence Scheme (CoPC)
ExMC/1578/DV ExMC/1578/DV
Final Draft 2021 IECEx Budget, for submission to CAB, based on ExMC/1481/CD, as approved during the 2019 Dubai ExMC meeting
ExMC/1580/DV ExMC/1580/DV
IECEx Assessment Report for the acceptance of The State Work Safety Changzhou Inspection and Testing Center for Mine Communication and Monitoring Devices (CCCMT), CN, to become an Accepted Ex Testing Laboratory (ExTL), within the IECEx Equipment Scheme, 02.

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