Meetings of the IECEx System : Christchurch, New Zealand, 14 - 18 September 2015

Meeting Documents

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Agenda Item Document Number Title
2 ExMC/1036B/DA Draft Agenda - 2015 ExMC Meeting, Christchurch, New Zealand
3.1 ExMC/976A/RM The Sixteenth Meeting of the ExMC held In The Hague, Netherlands 28th and 29th August 2014 - Confirmed Formal Minutes
3.2.1 ExMC/1007/R Report on Action Items from the Sixteenth Meeting of the ExMC held In The Hague, Netherlands 28th and 29th August 2014



ExMC/1008/R IECEx System Report Card - 2015
4.2  ExMC/1009/Inf Call for Nominations for consideration as IECEx ExPCC Chairman
  ExMC/1010/CD Nomination of ExPCC Chairman from the IECEx Executive
  ExMC/1067/CD Nomination of ExPCC Chairman from NL
5.2 and 5.3.1 CAB/1341/DL List of the decisions taken at CAB meeting 36, Tokyo, 2014-11-10
5.2 and


CAB/1400/DL List of the decisions taken at CAB meeting 37, Geneva, 2015-06-15
5.3.1 As above  
5.3.2 As above  
5.4 ExMC/987CD Draft IEC Harmonised basic Rules for all IEC Conformity Assessment Schemes
  ExMC/988/CD Draft IECEx Supplement to the Draft IEC Harmonised basic Rules, IEC 01
  ExMC/1035/CD IECEx Remarks concerning the proposed IEC Harmonised Basic Rules – Proposed from ExMC WG1 and Executive Toronto 2015 meetings
5.5 CAB/1379/Inf Comparison of some elements of the Peer Assessment Process used by the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems.
5.6 CAB/1386/R International Telecommunications Union ITU-T Conformance and Interoperability update
5.7 CAB/1378/Inf Revised MoU between IEC, ILAC and IAF.
6.3.1 ExMC/1011/R Report of new ExCBs and ExTLs approved since, or during, The Hague 2014 IECEx Series of Meetings
6.4 ExMC/271B/Inf IECEx Procedures for the Processing of Applications for Extension of Scope from ExCBs and ExTLs
  ExMC/1012/R Extensions of Scope Processed via ExMC/251A/Q since the 2014 The Hague
7.2 ExMC/1013/R Report of IECEx ExCB/ExTL Re-assessment reports issued since the last ExMC Meeting, The Hague 2014
7.3 ExMC/1008/R IECEx System Report Card - 2015
7.4.1 ExMC/1056/DV Assessment Report of I.T.L Limited, Israel as an IECEx ExCB
7.4.2 ExMC/1057/DV Assessment Report of I.T.L Limited, Israel as an IECEx ExTL
7.5 ExMC/1041/CD Proposal from Canada – formation of Peer Assessment Review Group (2MB)
7.6 ExMC/1047/CD Proposal from US – Peer Assessors vs. Contract Assessors
7.7 ExMC/1048/CD Proposal from US – Transparency and Sufficient Information in ExCB and ExTL Assessment Reports
8.2 ExMC/1043/DV Proposed revision to IECEx 02 IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme covering equipment for use in explosive atmospheres – Rules of Procedure
  ExMC/1058/CD Proposal from US – IECEx Document Revision Process
8.4 ExMC(IECEE/Fortaleza)04 Benefits of the CTF Program
  OD 024 IECEx Rules of Procedure covering testing, or witnessing testing at a manufacturer’s or user’s facility
  ExMC/1059/CD US Proposal - agenda item 8.4, Operational Document OD 024
  IECEE OD 2048 Utilization of Customers’ Testing Facilities
8.5 ExMC/1040/CD Proposal for IECEx OD 202 Edition 1.0, IECEx Proficiency Testing Program
9.1 ExMC/1014/R Report from the ExMarkCo Meeting held on 21 May 2015 in Toronto
10.2 ExMC/1030/CD Revision to IECEx 01 – IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx System) – Basic Rules (Draft Edition 7.0)
10.3 ExMC/1045/Inf Call for Nominations for consideration as Chairman for new IECEx Service Facilities Scheme Committee (ExSFC)
  ExMC/1069/Inf Nomination of ExSFC Chairman from IECEx Executive
  ExMC/1070/Inf Nomination of ExSFC Chairman from NL
11.1 ExMC/1015/R Report from the IECEx ExPCC (Personnel Certification Committee) meeting held on 20th May 2015 in Toronto.
11.2 ExMC/1016/DV Publication of IECEx 05 – Rules of Procedure, Edition 3.0
11.3 ExMC/1017/CD Publication of IECEx OD 503 (Edition 3.1) – ExCB Procedures for issuing and maintaining IECEx Certificates of Personnel Competence
11.4 ExMC/1018/CD Revision to IECEx OD 521 Edition 1.0, IECEx Recognised Training Provider Program
12.1 ExMC/1042/Inf Call for Nominations for IECEx Board of Appeal Members
12.3 ExMC/1046/Inf Information on National Differences to IECEx Standards
12.4 ExMC/872A/DV Updated proposal from the IECEx Executive concerning certain matters to be delegated to the Executive
  ExMC/1050/CD Proposal from US – Authority Matrix for Decisions by the IECEx Executive
  ExMC/1060/CD US Proposal - agenda item 12.4, IECEx Executive – Tasks and Responsibilities
12.5 ExMC/1051/CD Proposal from US – OD 001 IECEx Membership: Countries, ExCBs and ExTLs – Revise format and presentation of content
13.1 and 13.2 ExMC/1019/R Report from the ExMC WG1 / WG5 Meeting held 23 May 2014 in Toronto
13.3 ExMC/1039A/DV Technical Capability Document (TCD)
  ExMC/1055/R Report from ExMC Working Group 2 – Technical Capability Documents
  ExMC/1049/CD Proposal from US – Minimum Equipment List per Standard Required for ExTLs
  ExMC/1061/CD US Proposal - agenda item 13.3, Technical Capability Documents
13.4 ExMC/1054/R Report from ExMC Working Group WG4 - Technical Reference - Group for Assessment of ExCBs and ExTLs
  ExMC/1063/CD Proposal from the German National Member Body for consideration under Agenda Item 13.4
13.5 ExMC/1020/R Report from the ExMC Working Group 13, Business Development Meeting held on 21 May 2015 in Toronto
  ExMC/1021/CD Proposed Update of the IECEx Business Plan
13.6 ExMC/1022/R Report from the ExMC Working Group 15, Integration of non-electrical equipment Meeting held on 23 May 2015 in Toronto
  ExMC/1031/CD Guide to certification of non-electrical equipment
  ExMC/1032/CD IECEx Quality System Requirements for Manufacturers –
Part 3: Supplementary requirements for non-electrical equipment to ISO/IEC 80079-34 Edition 1
  ExMC/1033/Inf ExMC15 – IECEx certification of non-electrical Ex equipment -
Summary of how the standards deal with ignition hazard assessment
  ExMC/1034/Inf Non-Electrical Approval by European Manufacturers.
Past, Present and the Future
The Hague, August 2014
15 ExMC/1008/R ECEx System Report Card - 2015
19.1.1 ExMC/1023/DV 2014 IECEx Audited Accounts
19.1.2 CAB/1368/DV Budget of the IECEx for 2016, for CAB approval
19.2 ExMC/1024/CD Draft Budget Forecast Guide for 2017 + 2018
19.3 ExMC/1052/CD Proposal from US – Additional details regarding ExCBs and ExTLs cited in the IECEx Budget – Annual Dues Spilt
19.4 OD 019 IECEx Participation and Scheme Fees
  ExMC/1044/CD Revision to IECEx OD 019 Edition 7.1, IECEx – Participation and System Fees
  ExMC/1071/CD Proposal from AU for Changes to OD 019 IECEx System Fees
19.5 ExMC/1062/CD US Proposal - agenda item 19, Finance