Meetings of the IECEx System : Christchurch, New Zealand, 14 - 18 September 2015

Meeting Documents

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Business Cards IECEx 2015 New Zealand Meetings

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Number Document Title Posted

2015 New Zealand ExTAG  Green Papers

ExTAG(Christchurch/Secretariat)01 ExTAG Training Workshop Attendance List (3.7MB) 150924
ExTAG(Christchurch/secretariat)02 ExTAG New Zealand Meeting Attendance List(3.7MB) 150924
ExTAG(Christchurch/WG12)03  Report from ExTAG Working Group 12 (WG12):
Retention of Records
ExTAG(Christchurch/WG1)04 Green Paper - Revised Report from ExTAG Working Group 01 (WG01):
Preparation of assessment and test report forms (ExTRs)
ExTAG(Christchurch/ExTAGWGChairman)05 Proposal of ExTAG Chairman’s Report to ExMC – September 2015

2015 New Zealand ExMC Green Papers

ExMC(Christchurch/Secretariat)01 ExMC New Zealand Meeting Attendance List(2.7MB) 150924
ExMC(Christchurch/DE)02 Proposal from DE Concerning Cyber Security 150909
ExMC(Christchurch/RU)03 Proposal from RU Concerning UNECE Common Regulatory Objective (CRO) Publication 150909
ExMC(Christchurch/RU)04 Proposal from RU Concerning ExCB and ExTL Relations 150909
ExMC(Christchurch/ExTAGWG10)05 Green paper revision of ExMC/1040/CD - Document Proposal for IECEx OD 202 Edition 1.0, IECEx Proficiency Testing Program 150916
ExMC(Christchurch/TC31)06 Report from Mr Mark Coppler, Chairman of IEC Technical Committee TC 31- EQUIPMENT FOR EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERES 150917
ExMC(Christchurch/US)07 Nomination from US Concerning The IECEx Board of Appeal 150917
ExMC(Christchurch/ExMCWG02)08 Report from ExMC Working Group 2 (WG02):
Technical Capability Documents
ExMC(Christchurch/ExNB)09 Mr Thierry Houeix - ExNB meeting report 150919