Committee Docs

ExTR Blanks

Seoul Meeting Green Papers

Documents tabled during the ExMC Seoul Meeting held 23rd to 25th, October 2002
ExMC(Seoul/Sec)01 ExMC Meeting 23-25 October 2002 Attendance List
ExMC(Seoul/WG8)02 Report of WG8 meeting 22nd of October, 2002, to be tabled on the ExMC meeting
ExMC(Seoul/Sec)03 Report of decisions ExMC Meeting Day 1
ExMC (Seoul/ExTAG Minutes)04 Draft Minutes of ExTAG 4th Meeting held in Seoul Monday 21st 22nd October 2002
ExMC(Seoul/Chairman ExTAG)05 Group of Ex Testing Laboratories and accepted certification Bodies (ExTAG), 4th Meeting, Seoul, Korea, 21 22 October 2002 - Chairman's report to ExMC
ExMC(Seoul/ WG1+WG5)06 Report from the Joint meeting of Working Groups
WG 1 – Revision of IECEx 02
WG 5 – IECEx Manufacturer’s Quality System Requirements
ExMC(Seoul/WG1+WG5)/07 Draft Rules of Procedure of the IEC Scheme for Certification to Standards for Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx Scheme), Publication IECEx 02.
ExMC(Seoul/AUCommentsExMC/129)08 Australian comment on ExMC/129/Revised IECEx02
ExMC(Seoul/Secretariat)09 IECEx Assessor Application - Ian Cleare
ExMC(Seoul/Secretariat)10 IECEx Assessor Application Nicholas Ludlam
ExMC(Seoul/Secretariat)11 Report of decisions ExMC Meeting Day 2
ExMC(Seoul/Secretariat)12 IECEx Assessor Application Bill Lawrence
ExMC(Seoul/Treasurer)13 Revised DRAFT Budget 2003