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IECEx Buxton Meetings October 2005

Tabled Documentation and Presentations



ExTAG Buxton Meeting Green Papers

ExTAG(Buxton/Secretariat)01 ExTAG Attendance Register Day 1Training Session
ExTAG(Buxton/Secretariat)02 ExTAG Attendance Register Day 2 Meeting
ExTAG(Buxton/Secretariat)03 ExTAG WG3 - OD017 Final draft Version 3
ExTAG(Buxton/Secretariat)04 List of ExTAG Buxton Meeting Green papers
ExTAG(Buxton/Secretariat)05 Exchange of Technical Information 
ExTAG(Buxton/Secretariat)06 ExTAG Buxton Meeting Report
ExTAG(Buxton/Secretariat)07 ExTAG WG4 GUM

ExMC Buxton Meeting Green Papers

ExMC(Buxton/Secretariat)01 ExMC Attendance Register Day 1
ExMC(Buxton/Secretariat)03 Day 1 Report List of Decisions ExMC
ExMC(Buxton/WG 1+5)04 Report from ExMC Working Groups 1+5
ExMC(Buxton/Secretariat)05 Proposal on IECEx Membership
ExMC/300/inf List of Decisions

Buisness Cards - Buxton Meeting


ExTAG Training Session Workshop

Mr David Walker's Presentation

Mr Evans Massey's Presentation

Mr Michel Brenon's Presentation

Mr Chris Agius' Presentation

Mr Ian Cleare's Presentation


Buxton Industry Seminar Presentations 5th October 2005

Mr Ron Sinclair - IECEx Integrating ATEX (Powerpoint)
Mr Ron Sinclair - IECEx Integrating ATEX (PDF Slides)
Mr Ralph Wigg -  IECExAU & Asia (Powerpoint)
Mr Ralph Wigg -  IECExAU & Asia(PDF Slides)
Mr Jim Munro - Developing Standards to support IECEx(Powerpoint)

Mr Jim Munro - Developing Standards to support IECEx(PDF Slides)


Mr Kerry McManama Buxton 2005 Industry introduction


Dr Uwe Klausmeyer Buxton 2005 Industry Seminar


Mr Chris Agius IECEx Secretary's presentation Buxton 2005