Committee Docs

ExTR Blanks

Documents issued at the ExMC meeting,
Bern, October 2001

Bern Meeting Photographs

Doc. No. Title
ExMC(Bern/Secretariat)01 IECEx Scheme Attendance List of the 3rd ExMC Meeting Held 10-12 October 2001 in Bern Switzerland
ExMC(Bern/ WG1)02 Report from Working Group WG1 - Revision of IECEx 02
ExMC(Bern/ WG5)03 Report from Working Group WG5 - Assessment and Audit of Manufacturer's Quality systems
ExMC(Bern/WG5)04 DRAFT: Guidelines on the Management of Assessment and Surveillance programs for the assessment of Manufacturer's Quality System, in accordance with the IECEx Scheme.
ExMC(Bern/SE)05 For discussion re. ATRs [jpg]
ExMC(Bern/Secretariat)06 5th Meeting of ExTAG Draft Report Berne (Switzerland) 2001-10-8 and 9
ExMC(Bern/Secretariat)07 Report of WG7 (Item 13 of ExMC/93/DA) Regulations governing the use of the IECEx Mark of Conformity
ExMC(Bern/CA)08 Canadian Proposal Re Agenda Item 7 - Revision of IECEx Scheme Rules of Procedure - IECEx 02
ExMC(Bern/Secretariat)09 Report of decisions, Day 1 Wednesday 10 October 2001
ExMC(Bern/DE)10 German Proposal to establish a Working Group of ExMC to deal with the 'Full implementation of IECEx Certificates of Conformity in National Regulatory sys-tems'
ExMC(Bern/SE)11 or
Ad hoc group proposal re. CTR [jpg]
ExMC(Bern/Secretariat)12 Report of decisions, Day 2 Thursday 11 October 2001
ExMC(Bern/SE)13 Some thoughts for the consideration of WG1 - regarding the discussion related to ExMC(Bern/AdHocGroup)11
CAB/314/DC Sales policy of IEC schemes for scheme publications
CAB/324/INF Conditions for bodies and organizations domiciled in IEC associate member countries and in non-member countries to become members of the IEC conformity assessment schemes
ExTAG/(Bern/Secretariat)01 IECEx Scheme Attendance List of the 3rd ExTAG Meeting Held 8-9 October 2001 in Bern Switzerland
ExTAG(Bern/BKI)02 Test for non-transmission of an internal ignition
ExTAG(Bern/Chairman)03 ExTAG decisions - Approach and proposal for a procedure to generate, discuss and finalise them
ExTAG(Bern/CSA)04 ATR forms completed to date
ExTAG(Bern/Secretariat)05 5th Meeting of ExTAG Draft report, Berne(Switzerland), 2001-10-8 and 9, Report of Day 1
ExTAG/23/RM Draft minutes of the ExTAG Bern meetiing, 8th to 9th OCTOBER 2001