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Chris Agius 2008 IECEx UTE Industry Symposium
Eric MEYER International IECEx Certification Scheme as seen by an Oil & Gas Operator. The TOTAL E&P company viewpoint
Jean-François Gruson Oil and Gas projects in the next decades
John Allen IECEx 03 Service Facilities Program
Rudolf Pommé & Karel Neleman The IECEx - Ticket to Global Markets
ToshiHayashi The IECEx Scheme in Japan - Requirements and access to the Japanese market
Dave Adams The IECEx Scheme in Canada - Canadian Regulations and Access to the Market
L Witrant & M Spellemaeker Approved IECEx Gas Detection Equipment. The benefits and advantages for the installation and maintenance in France, in conjunction with ATEX certified personnel.
Michel Brénon Exchange Of ExTRs and QARs
Theo Pijpker IECEx 02 - Audits according to OD 005
Jussi Rautee Benefits for manufacturers in using the IECEx Scheme - from certification to repair
Jim Munro Report from TC31 Chairman to the IECEx - Paris Meeting 2008
ExMC(Paris/Sec)01 IECEx Meeting held in Paris 2008-10-02+03

DE Discussion on 2006 ExMC Meeting in Shanghai German green paper -


ExMC(Paris/ WG1+WG5)03 Report of the Combined Meeting of IECEx Working Groups
ExMC(Paris/SE)04 Proposal from Sweden - Green paper re. the proposal to shorten the time between re-assessments according to ExMC/460/CD
ExMC(Paris/Secretariat)05 NOTE: Please be advised that ExMC(Paris/Secretariat)05 was not issued by the IECEx Secretariat
ExMC (Paris/ExMarkCo)06 IECEx Conformity Mark Committee (ExMarkCo) Agenda items 13
ExTAG(Paris/Sec)01 IECEx TAG Meeting held in Paris 30th September 2008-09-29
ExTAG(Paris/WG9)02 A Compilation of Comments on the document ExTAG/132/CD and a brief summary of the WG9 Convenor’s Paris meeting oral report
ExTAG(Paris/ExTAG ad hoc WG1)03 Report for Meeting of IECEx ExTAG 2008
held at UTE, Puteaux-Paris, FR
ExTAG(Paris/WG1)04 Report from ExTAG Working Group 1 (WG01): Preparation of assessment and test report forms (ExTRs)
ExTAG(Paris/WG6)05 Report from ExTAG Working Group 6 Testing at Other Locations

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