Committee Docs

ExTR Blanks

Documents issued at the ExMC meeting,
Braunschweig, 5-8 September 2000

Doc. No. Title
ExMC(Braunschweig/Secretariat)01 Attendance List and Report of Decisions from Day 1 of ExMC Meeting
ExMC(Braunschweig/US)02 Questions for the IEC Ex Scheme Management Committee U.S. Preliminary Concerns/Inquiries
ExMC(Braunschweig/GB)03 British Electrotechnical Committee contribution in respect of Agenda Item 13:Evolution of the IECEx Scheme.
ExMC(Braunschweig/ExTAG)04 Braunschweig Meeting of ExTAG - Draft Minutes and decision list
ExMC(Braunschweig/WG5)05 Proposed changes to ExMC/52/CD - Requirements for manufacturers’ quality planning
ExMC(Braunschweig/WG5)06 Collation of comments on Document ExMC/52/CD – Requirements for manufacturers’ quality planning
ExMC(Braunschweig/Secretariat)07 Second report on implementation of CAB/ILAC collaboration
ExMC(Braunschweig/Secretariat)08 IECEx accounts for 1999 including the auditors’ report
ExMC(Braunschweig/Secretariat)09 Attendance List and Report of Decisions from Days 1 and 2 of ExMC Meeting
ExMC(Braunschweig/GB)10 Report from Working Group 2 - Technical Guidance Documents (Prepared by the Head GB Delegate to ExMC from papers supplied by Peter Bennett, convenor of WG 2)
ExMC/78/DL List of Decisions from the 2000 ExMC meeting held in Braunschweig, Germany
ExTAG(Braunschweig/Sec)/02 IECEx Guide on Uncertainty of Measurement Tests and measurements required in the Standards IEC 60079-series