Training Videos

The following video files have been prepared by the IECEx Secretariat for use by IECEx ExCBs in training and updating new and existing staff in the processes related to IECEx Certificates of Conformity for Ex Equipment (the IECEx 02 ‘Scheme’).

These videos are intended to be viewed in conjunction with reading the IECEx Operational Document IECEx OD 011-2 ed.4.5 available to download from the following link:  OD 011-2 Ed.4.5

Each training video can be accessed by ‘clicking’ on the video title in the list below

NOTE: There is no audio track - refer to text captions in the video

1. Logging In to the IECEx On-line Certificate System

2. Creating a Standard Certificate

3. Creating a Draft QAR

4. Creating a Draft ExTR

5. Issuing a QAR

6. Issuing an ExTR

7. Linking QARs and ExTRs to a Certificate

8. Creating an ‘X’ Type Certificate

9. Creating a ‘U’ Type Certificate for a Component


10. Creating a ‘Unit Verification’ Certificate