IECEx Bulletin

The IECEx Bulletin is issued in accordance with the IECEx System's Rules of Procedure.
This IECEx Bulletin contains:

The edition 5.0 (2016) of the IECEx Bulletin is a major update and replaces edition 4.1 (2011). This new edition of the IECEx Bulletin contains 4 Sections.

  • Section 1 - Introduction:
     Explanation of the IECEx System and its four Schemes
     Details of Participating Member Countries

  • Section 2 - Matrix:
     A comprehensive reference table of Member Countries adoption of IEC Standards with page references for

  • Section 3 - National Differences:
     IEC Standard numbered files with detailed information on Member Countries adoption and National Differences to IEC Standards

  • Section 4 - Ex Certification Bodies (ExCBs) & Ex Testing Laboratories (ExTLs):
     Details of all ExCBs and ExTLs

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The administration of the IECEx System is governed by the IECEx Rules which are available for free: