Procedures for the appointment of experts as IECEx Approved Assessors


  1. Completion by the applicant assessor of  ExMC/43E/Q  IECEx, Assessor Application, and submission of a current Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Review and endorsement of the application by the applicant’s National Member Body then takes place. Once the review and endorsement process has been completed the National Member Body signs, and thereby completes, the application.
  3. Application is then submitted to the ExMC Secretary.
  4. ExMC Secretary then determines that the application is in order and forwards copies to the Convenor and members of Working Group 4, Technical Reference Group for Assessment of ExCBs and ExTLs.
  5. WG4 Convenor will then arrange for consideration of the application by all members of the WG. If accepted by the WG, categories will be recommended as outlined in the application form.
  6. Once the above approval and process for determining capabilities has been completed the ExMC Secretary will prepare a document for consideration by the ExMC.
  7. Following an applicant's acceptance by the ExMC, the Secretary will arrange for official notification, and entry in the List of IECEx Approved Assessors and Assessment Teams, on the IECEx Website.
  8. Approved Assessors shall be subject to surveillance by ExMC in accordance with  IECEx Operational Document 003-1 Surveillance of IECEx appointed Assessors.
  9. The assessor agrees to keep the ExMC Secretary informed of changes to their contact details.