Procedures for the appointment of experts as IECEx Approved Assessors


  1. Completion by the applicant assessor of F-007 IECEx, Assessor Application, and submission of a current Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Review and endorsement of the application by the applicant’s National Member Body then takes place. This should include review of the assessor's claimed competencies. Once the review and endorsement process has been completed the National Member Body signs, and thereby completes, the application.
  3. Application is then submitted to the IECEx Executive Secretary.
  4. The IECEx Secretariat  then checks if the application contains all the required documents and for evidence that the applicant has completed assessor training, and seeks additional information if needed. 
  5. Once the application is complete it is forwarded to the Convenor and Deputy Convenor of ExAG for them to review the application against the criteria for an assessor.  This is documented in a spreadsheet and a recommendation is also included in that spreadsheet.  The recommendation will also include the IECEx Schemes for which acceptance is recommended and may include recommended restrictions based on the assessor’s competencies.
  6. The Convenor of ExAG will then organise with the IECEx Secretariat to submit the application to vote by ExAG, together with the application documents and the review spreadsheet.  The voting period will normally be four weeks, but may be extended to six weeks if it is close to a summer holiday period (Northern or Southern Hemisphere).
  7. If there are a majority of votes in favour of the application, the candidate is appointed as an assessor by the IECEx Executive Secretary and added to the list of assessors on the IECEx website.
  8. The IECEx ExMC will be advised of the appointment via the ExAG annual report to ExMC.
  9. Approved Assessors shall be subject to surveillance by ExMC in accordance with IECEx Operational Document 003-1 Surveillance of IECEx appointed Assessors.
  10. The assessor agrees to keep the IECEx Executive Secretary informed of changes to their contact details.