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ExTAG Green Papers

ExTAG(Denver/Secretariat)01 ExTAG Training Day Attendance List
ExTAG(Denver/Secretariat)02 ExTAG Meeting Attendance List
ExTAG(Denver/BASEEFA)03 Resolution of potential conflict regarding “faults” and “overloads”
ExTAG(Denver/SIRA)04 Acceptance of test data
ExTAG(Denver/WG1)05 Report form ExTAG WG 1 Convenor
ExTAG(Denver/TestSafe)06 Totality of equipment to be suitable for hazardous area installation when issuing IECEx certificates


Report from ExTAG Chairman on Denver Meeting
Presentations during Denver 2007

ExTAG Training Workshop Denver 24th, September 2007

 Presentation from Theo Pijpker

Industry Symposium Denver 26th, September 2007 - Presentations

ExMC Green Papers

ExMC(Denver/Secretariat)01 ExMC Meeting Attendance List Day 1
ExMC(Denver/DE)02 Proposal of the German Delegation to establish a working group which should deal with the matter of product piracy
ExMC(Denver/CA)03 Green paper comments from Canada
ExMC(Denver/WG4)04 Report on Assessor Review Day Denver, Colorado, USA
Saturday, 22 September 2007


ExMCWG04: Technical Reference Group for Assessment of ExCBs and ExTLs Supplementary Report to ExMC Members

ExMC(Denver/WG1+WG5)06 Report from WG1+WG5 Meetings Denver 23rd September 2007
ExMC(Denver/Secretariat)07 Decision List Day 1 Denver ExMC Meeting
ExMC(Denver/WG07)08 Report from ExMC WG07- Mark of Conformity Convenor Mr Tim Duffy
ExMC(Denver/Secretariat)09 ExMC  Meeting Attendance List Day 2