Meetings of the IECEx System : Umhlanga, South Africa, 5 - 9 September 2016

Meeting Documents

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ExTAG Training Session 5th September 2016

Presenter Title
Mr. Mark Amos - IECEX Secretariat  IECEx System Update

Mr Julien Gauthier- ExTAG Secretary

Suspension and Cancellation of IECEx Certificate of Conformity Expectations of actions to be undertaken by ExCBs


  IECEx ExTR and Decision Sheet Cross References
Ron Sinclair MBE
Chairman ExSFC SGS Baseefa
Test, Assessment and Certification of Non-Electrical Equipment
Prof. Xu Jianping
ExTAG Chairman
Is IEC 60079-28 applicable for LED luminaires?
Peter Thurnherr Use of IECEx Certificates of Conformity

INDUSTRY SYMPOSIUM 7th September 2016

Jim Munro Integration of Non-electrical Standards ISO 80079-36 and 37
Ralph Wigg Personnel Competence (3.3MB)

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Arnhold
IECEx Chairman

An Overview about the IECEx System (8MB)

Dr Geof Mood Cable Gland Selection for Hazardous Area Installations (4MB)

ExMC Meeting Reports (Presentations)

Thierry Houeix

IECEx Treasurer

Finance Report Overview


Thierry Houeix ExNBG meeting short report
Peter Thurnherr ExMC/1155/R Report ExPCC Agenda Item 11.1
Mr Timothy Duffy IECEx Conformity Mark Committee (ExMarkCo)

IECEx ExMC Meeting 2016 - Agenda Item 9.1

Mr. Timothy Duffy Agenda Item 5.5 Report from CAB WG 17, Cyber Security