Meetings of the IECEx System : Umhlanga, South Africa, 5 - 9 September 2016

Meeting Documents

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Agenda Item Document Number Title
2 ExMC/1150A/DA  Draft Agenda The Eighteenth Meeting of the ExMC To be held in Umhlanga, South Africa on 8th and 9th September 2016
3.1 ExMC/1083A/RM Confirmed Formal Minutes The Seventeenth Meeting of the ExMC Christchurch, New Zealand 17th and 18th September 2015
3.2.1 ExMC/1167/R Report on Action Items from the Seventh of the ExMC held
In Christchurch, New Zealand 17th and 18th September 2015
4.1 ExMC/1159/R IECEx System Report Card - 2016
4.2 ExMC/1111/Inf Term of Office – IECEx Chairman
4.3 ExMC/1091/Inf Term of Office – IECEx Executive Secretary
5.2, 5.3.1 CAB/1464A/DL List of the decisions taken at CAB meeting 38, Minsk, 2015-10-12, including those taken by correspondence after CAB Meeting 38.


CAB/1530/DL List of the decisions from CAB meeting 39, Geneva, 2016-06-13
5.3.2 CAB/1506/R CAB WG 14 on Promotion – Report for CAB meeting 39 to be held in Geneva, June 2016
5.3.2 CAB/1507/R Report of CAB WG 11 - Systems Issues.
5.4 IEC CA 01 IEC Conformity Assessment Systems –
Basic Rules
  ExMC/988B/CD  Final Draft IECEx Supplement to the IEC Harmonised Basic Rules, IEC CA 01
  ExMC/1180/Inf Preliminary Draft Revision IEC CA 01 IEC Conformity Assessment Harmonised Basic Rules (not contained in linked agenda)
5.5 CAB/1504A/R Report from CAB WG 17, Cyber Security
6.3.1 ExMC/1166/R Report of new ExCBs and ExTLs approved since, or during, the Christchurch 2015 IECEx Series of Meetings
6.4 ExMC/271C/Inf IECEx Procedures for the Processing of Applications for Extension of Scope from ExCBs and ExTLs
  ExMC/1169/R Extensions of Scope Processed via ExMC/251B/Q since the 2015 Christchurch
6.5 ExMC/872B/CD Further Updated proposal from the IECEx Executive concerning certain matters to be delegated to the Executive
7.2 ExMC/1170/R Report of IECEx ExCB/ExTL Re-assessment reports issued since the last ExMC Meeting, Christchurch 2015
8.2 IECEx 02 Ed.5.2 IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx System)IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme covering equipment for use in explosive atmospheres – Rules of Procedure
8.3 IECEE OD 2048 Utilization of Customer's Testing Facilities  (Draft revision new edition 1.4)
  OD 024 IECEx Rules of Procedure covering testing, or witnessing testing at a manufacturer’s or user’s facility
8.4 ExMC/1176/DV Draft Amendment to IECEx 02 Clause 11.1.14 Suspension of ExCBs
9.1, 9.1.4 ExMC/1153/R Report from the IECEx Marks Committee, ExMarkCo
9.1.3 IECEx 01B Guidance for the use of the IECEx Logo 


10.2 ExMC/1158/R Report from the combined IECEx Certified Service Facilities Scheme Committee (ExSFC) and ExMC Working Group 10 Meeting of May 2016
11.1 ExMC/1155/R Report from the IECEx Personnel Certification Committee (ExPCC)
11.2 ExMC/1156/DV Publication of IECEx 05 – Rules of Procedure, Edition 4.0
11.3 ExMC/1163/DV Publication of IECEx OD501, Edition 3.0
11.4 ExMC/1164/DV Publication of IECEx OD502, Edition 3.0
11.5 ExMC/1157/DV Publication of IECEx OD 503, Edition 4.0

IECEx Scheme for Certification of Personnel Competence for Explosive Atmospheres - ExCB Procedures for issuing and maintaining IECEx Certificates of Personnel Competence
13.1 ExMC/1168/R Report from the ExMC WG1 / WG5 Meeting held 25 May 2016 in Northbrook, USA
13.1.1 ExMC/1151/CD Draft Amendment to the Introduction of IECEx 01 Basic Rules
13.1.2 ExMC/1152/CD ExMC WG1 Proposals to Amend IECEx 02 and ODs to clarify Manufacturer, Manufacturing Location, Production Site
13.1.4 ExMC/1160/CD Proposed changes to IECEx 02 regarding the RU proposal for strengthening the relationship between ExCB and ExTL
13.1.6 ExMC/1154/DV Revised edition of IECEx OD 009 – IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme, Procedures for the Issuing of IECEx Certificates of Conformity, IECEx Test Reports and IECEx Quality Assessment Reports - Edition 4.0
13.2 ExMC/1168/R Report on 2016 ExMC WG1/WG5 Meeting
13.3 ExMC/1149/CD IECEx AU Proposal to discuss Audit Frequency of Manufacturers within the IECEx 02 Equipment Scheme
13.5 ExMC/1141/R Report from Mr Jim Munro the Convener of ExMC WG4 – ExMC Working Group WG4 – Technical Reference Group for the Assessment of ExCBs and ExTLs
  ExMC/43D/Q Draft IECEx Assessor Application/Reconfirmation or Additional Details Questionnaire
  ExMC/48K/Q Draft IECEx Application to become an Accepted Ex Test Laboratory in the IECEx Equipment Scheme, 02.
  ExMC/1142/CD IECEx Assessment Report Form F-003 ExCB and ExTL combined
  ExMC/1143/CD IECEx Assessment Procedure Revision of OD 003-1 Procedures for the appointment of IECEx Assessors
  ExMC/1144/CD IECEx Assessment Procedures Revision of OD 003-2 - Procedures for IECEx acceptance of Candidate Accepted Certification Bodies (ExCBs) and Ex Testing Laboratories (ExTLs) operating in the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme.
  ExMC/1145/CD IECEx Site Assessment Report Form, OD 006
  ExMC/1146/CD IECEx Assessment Report Form for Mid Term Assessments according to OD 003-2
  ExMC/1147/CD IECEx Checklist for the Review of IECEx CoCs, ExTRs, QARs
  ExMC/1148/Q Proposed IECEx Assessment Feedback Form
13.6 ExMC/1161/R Report from ExMC WG13 - IECEx Business Development Group
  ExMC/1162/CD Proposed Update of the IECEx Business Plan - 2016
13.7 ExMC/1173/R Report from Mr Jim Munro the Convener of ExMC WG15 – Integration of non-electrical equipment
  ExMC/1031A/CD Guide to certification of non-electrical equipment
  ExMC/1032A/CD IECEx Quality System Requirements for Manufacturers –
Part 3: Supplementary requirements for non-electrical equipment to ISO/IEC 80079-34 Edition 1
  ExMC/1174/R Report on ExMC WG15 responses to comments from the US concerning ExMC/1031/CD - Guide to certification of non-electrical equipment
  ExMC/1175/R Report on ExMC WG15 responses to comments from the US concerning ExMC/1032/CD - Draft OD 005-3 “Quality System requirements for manufacturers – Part 3: Supplementary requirements for non-electrical equipment to ISO/IEC 80079-34”
18.1.1 ExMC/1115/DV 2015 IECEx Audited Accounts
18.1.2 CAB/1499/DV Budget of the IECEx for 2017, (Previously Approved) for noting by ExMC
18.2 ExMC/1172/CD Draft Budget Forecast Guide for 2018
18.3 OD 019 IECEx Participation and Scheme Fees Ed.7.2 (RLV)