Meetings of the IECEx System : The Hague, The Netherlands, August 2014

Meeting Documents

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Business Cards

Number Title Posted
ExTAG(TheHague/Secretariat1)01 ExTAG Meeting Attendance List Day 1 20140827
ExTAG(TheHague/Secretariat2)01 ExTAG Meeting Attendance List Day 2 20140827
ExTAG(TheHague/ExTAGWG01)02 Compilation of comments and observations completed by the originator, Mr. Paul Kelly, UL, on ExTAG/323/CD Draft revision of OD 010-1 Operational Document - Guidance for the development, compilation, issuing and receipt of ExTRs
Part 1: Development and posting of blank IECEx Test Report (ExTR) Documents

Revised edition

ExTAG(TheHague/ExTAGChairman)03 Discussion Points related to Ex p certification under ExTAG Agenda Item 9.2 20140825
ExTAG(TheHague/WG12)04 Report from ExTAG Working Group 12 (WG12): Retention of Records
ExTAG/342/Inf Equipment and Component acc. to Directive 94/9/EC  
ExTAG/TheHague/ExTAGChairman)05 ExTAG Chairman’s Report to ExMC – August 2014 20140828
ExMC(TheHague/Secretariat)01 ExMC Meeting Attendance List Day 1 20141021
ExMC(TheHague/RU/02 Certification at the stage of commissioning Discussion 20140827
ExMC(THeHague/AU)03 Letter from AU for discussion during the 2014 ExMC Meeting in The Hague 20140827
ExMC(TheHague/TC31Chairman)04 Report from the TC31 Chairman 20140827
ExMC(TheHague/SecretariatDL1)05 Decisions from Day 1 of the Sixteenth Meeting of the IECEx Management Committee, ExMC, held in The Hague on 28 and 29 2014 20140829
ExMC/956/DL Confirmed List of Day 1+2 Decisions The Hague 2014 20140905
ExMC(TheHague/ExMCWG02)06 Report from Mr Steve Bentham, Convenor ExMC WG2

Technical Compliance Documents