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Presentations from the ExMC Series of Meetings

(These presentations remain the property of those responsible for their preparation and we ask that you contact the owner for permission before use. )

Presentation from Mr David Stubbings ATEX Trade Agents


Presentation from Mr David Walker - ExTAG WG 8 OD 021/V2 I.S


Presentation from Mr Michel Brenon - Evolution of the IECEx Scheme


Presentation from Mr Jim Munro - Feedback from Assessments


Presentation from ExTAG WG 7 Convenor Mr Joe Gryn


Presentation from Mr Patrick Leroux, Total Oil "A Global Approach for Ex product"


Presentation form Mr Ron Sinclair BASEEFA, "IECEx and Europe Integrating IECEx and ATEX"


Presentation from Mr John Waudby NSW Dept of Mines "Ex equipment in NSW Coal Mines"


Presentation from Mr Theo Pipjker, KEMA "Requirements for, and content of, a Certificate of Conformity"


Presentation from Mr Chris Agius IECEx Secretary, "A Global Solution Past and Present" 


Presentation from Mr Tim Duffy ExMC WG7 IECEx Mark of Conformity


Presentation from Mr Ralph Wigg ExMC WG12 Competencies


Presentation from Mr Jim Munro TC31 Chairman - Summary of Standards Update

ExTAG Green Papers

ExTAG(Shanghai/Secretariat)01 ExTAG Meeting attendance Register
 ExTAG/88/R ExTAG Working Group 1 Shanghai Report
ExTAG(Shanghai/Secretariat)02 Report from the ExTAG Shanghai Meeting


  ExMC Green Papers

 ExMC(Shanghai/Secretariat)01  ExMC Meeting attendance Register
 ExMC(Shanghai/WG1+WG5)02  ExMC WG1 and WG5 Shanghai Meeting Report
 ExMC(Shanghai/Secretariat)03  French National Committee Green Paper (Shanghai)
 ExMC(Shanghai/Secretariat)04 ExMC WG4 Report - Developing and Maintaining Skills of IECEx Assessors
 ExMC(Shanghai/Secretariat)05  Report of Meeting of ExMC WG4 - 3 September 2006
 ExMC(Shanghai/Secretariat)06  Shanghai Decision List Day 1
ExMC(Shanghai/Secretariat)07 Statement Shanghai 2006
ExMC(Shanghai/Secretariat)08 TC31 Chairman Report to Meeting