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ExTAG Meeting Documents Zip file
[don't forget to extract all documents before opening the agenda - ExTAG/87B/DA]
ExTAG/87B/DA ExTAG Draft Agenda 8th Annual Meeting to be held in Shanghai
ExTAG/97/Inf  ExTAG Training workshop Shanghai
ExTAG/86/Inf A list of approved ExTAG Decision Sheets - August 2006
ExTAG/88/R ExTAG WG1 Report Shanghai Meeting
ExTAG/89/R ExTAG WG3 Activity Report
ExTAG/90/Inf Report from the Convenor of ExTAG WG7 - Exchange of Technical Information Between ExCBs and ExTLs
ExTAG/92/CD ExTAG Draft Decision Sheet - The Guidance on the preparation of IECEx Certificates and Reports
ExTAG/93/CD ExTAG Draft Decision Sheet - Value of the thermal conductivity of the dust to be used for the layer depth temperature test.
ExTAG/94/CD ExTAG Draft Decision Sheet - Assessment of an OEM's Service network
ExTAG/95/CD ExTAG Draft Decision Sheet - Certification Documentation
ExTAG/96/CC GB Comments on OD 021/V2 Guidance document for the Assessment of I.S systems and equipment
ExTAG/97/Inf  ExTAG Training workshop Shanghai
ExTAG/98/CD ExTAG Draft Decision Sheet  - Clearances, creepage distances and separation
ExTAG/99/CD ExTAG Draft Decision Sheet - The requirements for the use of capacitors for coupling between Intrinsically Safe and Non-Intrinsically Safe circuits
ExTAG/100/CD Draft Decision Sheet, which is a draft revision of DS 2006/001 covering Comparative Tracking Index (CTI)
ExTAG/101/CD ExTAG Industry Discussion Request - Resistance to impact
ExTAG/102/CD ExTAG Industry Discussion Request - Temperature measurement,
ExTAG/103/CD ExTAG Industry Discussion Request - Information requirements
ExTAG(Buxton/secretariat)06 Report from the ExTAG Meeting Buxton 2005 
ExMC/321/R Report from ExMC Working Group 2 - TGDs
OD/012/V1 Guide to the uncertainty of measurement
OD/013/V1 IECEx Operations Manual – Assessment and Certification of Ex Repair and Overhaul Service Facilities - Assessment Procedures
OD/014/V1 Quality Management System requirements for IECEx Service Facilities involved in repair, overhaul and modification of Ex equipment
OD/015/V1 Technical Requirements for IECEx Service Facilities involved in repair, overhaul and modification of Ex equipment
OD/016/V1 Assessment Procedures for IECEx acceptance of Candidate Certification Bodies (ExCBs) for the purpose of issuing IECEx Certificates to Ex Service Facilities involved in the Repair, Overhaul and Modifications of Ex equipment
OD/17/V3 Drawing documentation guidance for IECEx
OD/021/V2 Guidance document for the Assessment of I.S. Systems and equipment
OD/024/V1 IECEx Rules of Procedure covering the use of “Other Testing Laboratories”
 AC/42/2004  New procedures for interpretation of standards
CAB/525/DC  IECEE CTL Guide 01 Uncertainty of measurement
CAB/594/R Report on CAB/ILAC Technical Panel