Business Cards - Fortaleza September 2013  (2.5 MB)



Green Papers

Number Date posted Title
ExTAG(Secretariat/Fortaleza)01 16th September 2013 ExTAG Training Attendance List Day 1 (4MB)
ExTAG(Secretariat/Fortaleza)01 17th September 2013 ExTAG Attendance List Fortaleza Meeting Day 2 (4MB)
ExTAG(Secretariat/Fortaleza)02 18th September 2013 ExTAG Chairman’s Report to ExMC – Fortaleza – September 2013
ExTAG(Secretariat/Fortaleza)03 18th September 2013 Task Group on Retention of Records by ExCBs and ExTLs
ExMC(Secretariat/Fortaleza)01 19th September 2013 ExMC Attendance List Fortaleza Meeting (3 MB)
ExMC(Secretariat/Fortaleza)02 18th September 2013 Revised Report from Mr Jim Munro the Convener of ExMC WG15 – Integration of non-electrical equipment
ExMC(DE/Fortaleza)03 19th September 2013 German Comments relating to Draft Operational Document, ExMC/866/CD
ExMC(IECEE/Fortaleza)04 19th September 2013 Presentation from Tim Duffy on CTF
ExMC(Secretariat/Fortaleza)05 20th September 2013 Draft List of Day 1 Decisions Fortaleza September 2013
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